HomeHero is a virtual energy assistant that saves you money on your bill. The lowest energy bills come from using less energy & paying the lowest price.

Here’s 2 easy ways to save;

  1. Use less energy in a fun way with our Balloon Hunt. Think Pokemon Go for energy efficiency
  2. Find the best deal by simply sending a message to HomeHero

Save £££ on your energy by simply taking a photo

Most of us would like to save energy. Wasted energy costs our pockets and the environment.
Don’t know where to begin or what you should focus on? · Not leaving our phone plugged in when it is charged? · Not leaving the lights on? · Turning down the heating? · Insulating our homes better?

Wouldn’t it be great to get the answer? And if this was easily available for free for anyone, anytime, anywhere with no commitments? That is why we are building HomeHero, the instant energy assistant. HomeHero has been called ‘Pokemon Go for energy efficiency’.

Let’s catch ‘em all

Use HomeHero to take a photo of anything that uses energy and see what savings are possible through ‘Hero Actions’. Take some quick snaps and pledge ‘Hero Actions’ to build up a savings total. You will quickly see where you can save the most money and reduce your home’s carbon emissions.

Compete in fun competitions while finding out how to save money and the environment.

We believe cutting out energy waste is key to reaching the Paris Agreement’s 2025 carbon reduction target. We can do it through smarter energy use. Find out how with HomeHero.

Earth Hour is on 25th March 2017. It is a global initiative to express our determination to reduce carbon pollution. Before this year’s Earth Hour join thousands of others by using HomeHero to discover how you can use energy smarter.

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The First Price Comparison Assistant

Now the biggest savings are a message away. Messaging is the ultimate in convenient communication, what could be easier?

Let HomeHero do the work and we’ll reply with the best deals instantly. Because the conversation is in Messenger you can chat whenever suits you. No need to enter your details again just type ‘show me the best deals’ and see great savings. Once you find the deal you want we’ll help you complete the switch. Messaging HomeHero is the difference between putting it off and getting it done.

HomeHero is a start-up team backed by ESB’s innovation hub, located in the Dogpatch tech start-up community.