Join our Balloon Hunt

If you are like most of us, you want to save energy. Wasted energy costs our pockets and the environment.
Don’t know where to begin or what you should focus on?

■ Not leaving our phone plugged in when it is charged?

■ Not leaving the lights on?

■ Turning down the heating?

■ Insulating our homes better?

Wouldn’t it be great to get the answer? And if this was easily available for free for anyone, anytime, anywhere with no commitments? That is why we are building HomeHero, the instant energy assistant, now including the Balloon Hunt. Think Pokemon Go for energy efficiency.

We believe using less energy, having the lowest bills & being environmentally friendly should be hassle free. It must be made simple, easy and even fun so that everyone can save money and help the environment. It must be a easy as taking a photo.

We measure a tonne of carbon using party balloons

Each British home must cut its carbon emissions by 1 tonne per year by 2025. This is the Paris Carbon Agreement.

The household target for reducing emissions of 1 tonne is equivalent to 100,000 party balloons filled with carbon dioxide.

The electricity needed to power a fridge for a year results in 6,700 party balloons filled with carbon vanishing into our air.

When you pledge to save energy, HomeHero keeps track of money saved and carbon emissions avoided.

Let’s catch ‘em all

Take a photo of anything that uses energy and see savings through HomeHero’s ‘Hero Actions’. Take some quick snaps and pledge ‘Hero Actions’ to build up a savings total. You will quickly see where you can save the most money and reduce your home’s carbon emissions. Check out our fun competition while saving money and the environment

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