Privacy & Data Policy

We are HomeHero whose principle place of business is Dogpatch Labs, CHQ Building, IFSC, Dublin 1, Ireland. This Privacy Policy describes the way in which we use information on our website HomeHero and on Facebook Messenger.

We take the privacy of your data extremely seriously. We recognise and adhere to our legal obligations to protect your personal information. We follow industry standard security measures for handling your personal data both physically and electronically. We make every effort to safeguard your privacy and the policy that follows explains the data processing we do and how we do it.

How we treat your information

Text messages sent to us through Messaging remain on Facebook Messenger and are processed by the software we use but are not stored by us except in exceptional circumstances.

Photos sent to us through Messaging are processed by our software and temporarily anonymously stored securely for image recognition performance and enhancement purposes. Additionally they remain on Facebook Messenger.

We do not collect and store your name except if you contract a new energy deal through us or in exceptional circumstances. When you submit personal private information (such as Direct Debit bank details and electricity/gas meter numbers) to sign up to a new energy deal this information is submitted to an Ofgem accredited switching service (Energylinx) over a secure site that uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to protect data. This personal private information is not collected and stored by us.

In order to perform a better service we may collect and store in aggregate;

•IP addresses and information about browsers

•Information which is collected through the use of cookies and similar technologies

•Information in relation to the social networks used to connect to the Website and Messenger

We do not sell or misuse your information. It is only shared with trusted third parties who are essential for supporting our service.

How we use Messenger

HomeHero is a virtual energy assistant that can be contacted on Facebook. We advertise our service on social media and respond when you click through on an ad. Our service is designed to respond to users and not to initiate contact with those who have not engaged us or initiated contact through an advertisement.

By using the Website and Messaging you consent to our collecting data about you, using it and contacting you in the ways described in this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy applies whether you are visiting contacting us through a browser, via a mobile device or tablet, or through an app. In this Privacy policy we refer to users as 'you'.

If you have any further queries on our use of your data, please contact