65,290,200 balloons of CO2 pledged

British homes are getting ready for Earth Hour


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Thank you for pledging for Earth Hour 2017


  • 1st 223,240 Megan Milburn
  • 2nd 212,920 Matthew Wright
  • 3rd 175,140 Louise Ann Smith

Every year Earth Hour shows how much we care about our planet. This year join thousands of people using HomeHero to cut a tonne of carbon emissions.

Snap and save

Take a quick pic of any appliance using HomeHero and get:

  • Current energy use
  • Energy saving tips

Find YOUR 100,000 balloons (1 tonne of CO2). Pledge to save energy, save money and help fight climate change.

This is Pokemon Go for climate action.

100k Balloons

The Paris Agreement on climate change set a target: 1 tonne of carbon dioxide per home by 2025.

1 tonne of Carbon Dioxide per home = 100,000 balloons filled with Carbon Dioxide.

Find YOUR 100k balloons and be part of a global movement.

#ChangeClimateChange #HeroActions #100kBalloons

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