Is it free?

HomeHero is a free and accessible to all. There is no charge for text or picture messages sent over Facebook Messenger. However, messaging may result in data charges from your mobile carrier.

How does 'Switch by text work' work?

HomeHero is a price comparison assistant. It is similar to a price comparison website but with all the convenience of just sending a couple of messages to get the best deal. For more details see here.

How does the 'Balloon Hunt' work?

Use HomeHero to find the best ways to use less energy. Cutting out waste energy is a great way to save money. In the Balloon Hunt you take a photo of something that uses energy and instantly see how to save money. We use home energy advice from the most authoritative studies and make this information instantly accessible in an interactive experience. Energy usage & advice is shown per appliance based on typical use over a year for an average UK home.

Is it secure?

We take the privacy of your data extremely seriously. Please see our data & privacy policy here. When you switch to a better energy deal with HomeHero this is carried out using an Ofgem accredited switching service (Energylinx).

Are messages secured using encryption?

We recommend that you use the 'Secret Conversations' setting in the Messenger app which means messages are sent using end to end encryption. The encryption used is the Signal encryption protocol. This means only the sender and receiver can view the message - not outsiders, not even Facebook themselves.

Is it impartial?

We always show the best deals starting with the cheapest and then showing the next cheapest. The deals are provided by the Ofgem accredited switching service Energylinx.

Do you make money?

HomeHero invests in leading technology to build the most accessible energy assistant possible. This investment requires some income. At present we earn a commission from some suppliers when a customer signs up to that supplier through our service. This is similar to price comparison websites and does not change the order in which we rank suppliers.

Why is your service on Facebook Messenger?

We are building an energy assistant that is universally accessible to help everyone save money and help the environment. We use Facebook Messenger because with over 1 billion users it is one of the most accessible messaging apps in the world. Its features enable automated assistants and end to end encryption. We choose the messaging format because it is the simplest way to communicate.

Is it available outside of the UK?

Anyone can play the Balloon Hunt to reduce their energy use. Currently HomeHero only shows energy deals from British energy suppliers.